BlokeVote – Review

BlokeVote is different in a sense that it only allows males as members. As the name suggest, it is exclusive only to blokes. Women are not eligible to join. As an exclusively male website, the surveys that it present are all about men’s products. The companies that sponsor these surveys are interested only on the opinions of men in evaluating the products that they offer.

The exclusivity of the website means that there is no need for gender-related filter questions in the surveys since only the male gender is allowed to join. In this manner, the survey algorithms are simplified in one aspect. However, some of the surveys may have highly specific information that require fewer but more specialized respondents. For instance, one survey may only be interested to gather the opinions of DIY handymen or professional carpenters about certain carpentry and machine shop products. Surveys that are very specialized are also typically more comprehensive and takes longer time to completely answer.

As a paid survey website, BlokeVote relies on an incentivized scheme to motivate its pool of members to answer the surveys. In most cases, people will not bother to answer long and tedious surveys if they will not get anything in return. Most men also have the tendency not to be detailed oriented and may not have the patience to read through all the instructions and questions. BlokeVote ensures that men would be interested to join the website and participate in the surveys not only because of the rewards but also because the surveys and topic are relevant to their preferences and sensibilities. For instance, the some companies who sponsor the surveys may offer free trials of men’s products for evaluation purposes.

Men can help make a difference in terms of product development, pricing and marketing strategies by just giving their opinions. The companies that sponsor the surveys use the data gathered through the questionnaires in determining their overall strategies and product offers. They want to minimize the risks of investing on products that otherwise will not gain sufficient support from their target consumers. As a result, the products become more tailored to the needs, preferences and demands of the target consumers. Hence, it becomes a win-win situation wherein both the companies and consumers benefit in the long term. This goes beyond the short-term gratifications that can be derived from the gift card or voucher rewards. The respondents also have the privilege to learn more about the companies and products that these companies offer.


Becoming a part of the BlokeVote pool of respondents is free and simple. It is pretty much straightforward. There are only three steps that you should take, namely, fill out the registration form to create your online profile, complete surveys or try out new products, and get rewarded. Of course, you can only register once and you can only have one account but you can participate in the surveys, try out products and receive rewards as long as you are a member of the website.

Once you have created your online account, you will be able to access your own private member dashboard. In your dashboard you can see the survey invitations and the points that you have accumulated. You will regularly receive invitations to surveys that match your demographic profile. You can also receive email invitations in your email inbox. You simply need to follow the survey links but you have to be signed into your account to participate in the surveys and have your account credited with the corresponding points.

Each survey has corresponding points and estimated time of completion. These pieces of data are indicated in every survey. The points that you will earn largely depend on the length of the survey. In most cases, you can answer the surveys at your leisure. However, there are urgent surveys that need to be accomplished immediately. These usually have limited number of invited respondents and these also have higher compensations. The urgent surveys generally provide higher rewards compared to regular surveys that are of the same length.

There are different types or market research surveys that you can expect. It is up to you which type of survey is most convenient or suit your preferences. These include the following: online surveys (this is the most common), mobile phone surveys, telephone interviews, focus group discussions (beer and pizza snacks are included; compensation is between $60 and $120 for 1-2 hours), in-depth personal interview (compensation is between $30 and $150), mystery shopping, accompanied shopping trip, postal diary study, in-home product testing, venue product testing and online forums or blogs.

Redeeming points

You can earn and accumulate points for every survey you complete or for every market research you participate in. Once you have sufficient points, you can redeem these points as rewards such as gift cards and store vouchers. You can use these gift cards to purchase from iTunes, EB games, Super cheap Auto and other partner stores.