Farron Research – Review

What is Farron Research?

Farron Research is one of the leading incentivized market research websites in Australia. It is also one of the pioneers in the online research industry. The company has been facilitating research projects since 1998, covering a wide range of business sectors and consumer demographics. The fully computerized panel has coverage in Sydney Metropolitan, Regional South Wales, Brisbane, Gold Coast, ACT and Melbourne Metropolitan and regional Victoria, Perth and Adelaide areas. The company has headquarters in Sydney and Melbourne.

Farron Research specializes in recruiting appropriate respondents and facilitating research projects. It ensures that the criteria set by the clients are complied with and the research designs are properly implemented. Various companies have specific criteria and research designs that are intended for certain demographical sectors of the target market. The research companies recruits respondents for the following: focus group discussions, in-depth interviews & paired interviews, online research, taste tests, ethnic groups, medical and health professionals, motor vehicle research, and website usability studies.

As a consumer-respondent, you will have wide range of opportunities to earn rewards from the various research projects. As long as your demographic profile meets the criteria of the clients, you will be invited to interviews. The amount of rewards that you will earn, on the other hand, will largely depend on the number of surveys or research projects in which you participate have participated. The length, urgency and type of research also directly affect the amount of compensation that you will receive. Companies give higher incentives for surveys that take longer to finish because of the extra effort needed. Urgent surveys that need to be accomplished within the day or just a few hours also provide higher rewards because of the need to motivate respondents to finish the surveys before the deadline expires.

Aside from the monetary and other material rewards that you will get, the best thing about participating in the surveys is the privilege to make a positive difference. Your opinions and the opinions of other respondents who belong to your demographic sector will be the basis of the decisions of companies in terms of developing new products and formulating new marketing strategies. The companies are able to minimize their risks of losing money on products that otherwise won’t be patronized by the target customers. The surveys determine the needs, wants, preferences, buying habits and purchasing powers of the target customers. The results of the surveys allow the companies to tailor their products based on the demand of the markets. In the long run, the customers are able to get excellent quality products at very reasonable prices.

The accuracy and objectivity of the results of the research projects of farron research are very reliable that the company is able to earn excellent reputation. This makes the company as one of the most sought-after research companies in the industry. It provides personalized service to clients. It guarantees a dependable pool of respondents and detailed project plan. The recruitment of respondents is thoroughly screened to ensure that the respondents are qualified based on the criteria and specifications of the companies.

How does it work?

As a paid survey website, Farron Research utilize an incentive system for motivating respondents to participate and complete the surveys. It is also a recruitment strategy of encouraging people to join the survey panel. The company has a very wide demographics of members. You can register if you are between 7 years old and 65+ years old. You need to have excellent oral and written communication skills in order to be eligible to register.

Creating an online account is absolutely free and may take only a few minutes to complete. You may include your dependent children who are seven years old and above. There are clients of Farron Research that also need children as respondents.

You need a valid email address to verify your website account. You also need to provide a username and password for security purposes. You must complete the online registration form then submit. Once you have successfully created an online account, your profile data will be stored in the database of the website and will be matched with the criteria of the companies that are sponsoring surveys. You will receive invitations based on how many of the active surveys match with your demographic profile.

You will earn corresponding rewards based on your performance in participating and completing surveys. The more surveys you are able to complete, the higher is the probability that you will earn high amounts.

How to register?

You have to be between 7 and 65+ years old in order to be eligible to register. You have to complete the online form found on this page: http://www.farronresearch.net.au/market-research/market-research-jobs/. You need a valid email and you must provide your username and password for security reasons. Once you have successfully registered, your profile will be matched with the criteria of active surveys. You will receive invitations to surveys that match your profile.