Focus People – Review

 About Focus People

There are many market research companies in Australia but only a few specializes in focus group discussions as the integral part of their research methods. Fewer still have wide operations, covering the entire Australian continent. Focus People is one such market research company. It has a wide coverage, recruiting respondents from all across Australia to take part in paid or incentivized market research projects. Aside from the typical product-oriented research projects that are sponsored by companies, there are also some policy-oriented and beneficiary-oriented research projects that are sponsored by government and non-government institutions that are intending to know the preferences and needs of their target beneficiaries.

Members of Focus People are recruited from a broad range of demographics, representing different preferences, personalities and backgrounds. The various clients of Focus People usually have specific demographics in mind when they want to know the opinions of consumers about specific products or issues. As a market research company, Focus People collaborate with some of the biggest market and social research companies, advertising firms and marketing departments. The company screens and recruits the right respondents for its various partner companies based on the criteria provided. It is the main role of the company to assist other companies in conducting focus group discussions, advertisement tests, in-depth one-on-one interviews, product testings and other types of incentivized market research projects.

To encourage the active participation of respondents in the research projects, the company provides generous compensations for those who attend and complete the focus group discussion sessions. The company works the whole week long in recruiting quality respondents and it manages the projects that are commissioned or outsourced to it. The company has a large team of recruiters that is always ready to recruit the right respondents and ensure the quality of results. Careful screening is done to make sure that the respondents will pass the basic criteria.

Focus People services

As a market and social research company, Focus People is primarily concern with screening and recruiting respondents for various research projects that are commissioned by other companies. The company itself does not design the research nor set the criteria of recruiting study participants. It merely follows the criteria set by the clients.

The company is a provider of research-related services such as end-to-end coordination with respondents. These include booking of venues, food catering and payment of compensations. It serves as facilitator for the focus group discussions and other research implementations, ensuring the smooth flow of discussions.

If you are interested to influence the decisions of companies through your opinions and also earn at the same time, registering as a member to the website would prove to be rewarding. You will enjoy the lively discussions and at the same time get paid for your opinions. The best of all, you can influence the decisions of the companies that hired Focus People. This means that you will be able to get the best products in the long run in terms of price, quality and packaging. These is possible because companies will tailor-fit the products based on the results of the opinions of the respondents.

You may either register online or call the hotlines. You need to be a resident of Australia and of legal age to register. Once registered, your profile will be matched to the existing research projects. You may further be screened via a phone interview before you are finally invited to a focus group discussion. You need to attend and participate in the discussions to receive compensation. It usually takes one to two hours per session.

The amount of compensation that you will receive will depend on several factors such as the duration or length of the session, the criteria of the research project and your degree of involvement. You may either receive either cash or voucher as payment for your participation.

Once invited to a focus group discussion, you are not legally obligated to appear but you will not receive any compensation if you do not participate. The discussion sessions are held in conducive venues such as rented function rooms and office board rooms in various locations in Australia. The research projects are commonly held in the following locations:

  • Victoria – Discussion sessions in Melbourne are held in St. Kilda, South Melbourne, Albert Park, Coburg, Chadstone and Richmond. Focus group discussions are often held in Bendigo and Ballarat and there are occasionally groups in other regional areas.
  • New South Wales – Most of the research project in Sydney are held in the Sydney CBD, North Sydney, Cammeray, Hurstville, Crows Nest, Manly, Harris Park and Parramatta. The company also often facilitate groups on the Central Coast.
  • Queensland – Most of the research projects in Brisbane are held in Kangaroo Point or Milton as well as on the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Townsville, Rockhampton and Cairns.
  • South Australia – Majority of the research projects in Adelaide are held in Parkside and Black Forest.

Occasionally, the company also conduct research projects in Western Australia, Tasmania, Canberra and rural parts of Australia.

Most of the research projects do not allow more than two participations in focus group discussions in a year. Some research projects may require that you should not have participated in a similar research in the past 12 months. The limits are necessary to avoid the skewing of the data. However, you may participate to various research projects consecutively.

How to register

If you are interested to participate in the research projects of Focus People, you need to register first either online,, or by calling (03) 9599-4200 or (02) 8064-7505. You need to complete the registration form online or answer all the questions via phone.