iZatso Survey Panel – Review

About iZatso Survey Panel

iZatso is one of the most popular online survey panels in Australia. It is a paid survey website that is owned and operated by Direction First Pty Ltd, which is an Australian based market research agency. It is a member of the Australian Market and Social Research Society or AMSRS and also a member of the Association of Market and Social Research Organisations or AMSRO. A member of the aforementioned professional organizations, the website maintains a high standard of services and ethics.

Just like other paid survey websites, iZatso relies on a pool of members to participate in the surveys. It utilizes an incentive scheme in recruiting members and motivating them to participate in reviews and complete answering them. Some of the surveys are comprehensive, long and tedious to answer. Few people would be motivated to completely answer long questionnaires without getting anything in return. Every survey has corresponding points that can be earned and later redeemed. The points will depend on the length of the survey and how urgent it needs to be answered. Longer surveys command higher points compared to shorter ones. On the other hand, urgent surveys have higher points compared to surveys of the same lengths but are less urgent.

The website provides a platform for clients to reach out to their target demographics. On the other hand, it also provides convenient means for respondents to participate in surveys and express their opinions. The website is a go-between that bridges the information gap between the companies and the customers. Both parties learn and gain some pertinent information in the process. The companies learn about the preferences, purchasing behaviors and opinions of the respondents on certain issues. The pieces of information that are gathered by the companies through the surveys are used as basis for many of the decisions that they make, including product development and product packaging.

iZatso is commissioned by various clients from different business sectors to formulate, distribute and analyze surveys. The website receives certain amount of payment for each survey. It then provides rewards to respondents who are able to complete the surveys. As a market research website, iZatso is interested only in gathering data from the respondents. It does not conduct marketing campaigns or sell any product to the respondents. It also maintains the privacy of the respondents. The identity of the respondents are not sold to any third party company or revealed publicly.

The surveys cover a wide range of topics that could include various products, social and political topics, economic topics and even religious topics. Some of the questions may not seem directly relevant to the company that sponsored the survey but these questions are needed to have more detailed assessment of the respondents. The companies value honest and detailed information from the respondents because it would be the best way to create a comprehensive and accurate picture of the target market, which the respondents represent. iZatso ensures the statistical spread of the sample population to accurately represent the various demographic sectors.

Aside from online opinion surveys, there are also other types of surveys that iZatso utilizes to gather information. These include taste tests, product tests or home trials, focus groups and online forums. Not all members of the website are given the opportunity to participate in the other types of surveys. Some of these other types of surveys have higher corresponding compensations.


Before you can participate in the iZatso surveys, you first need to sign-up for membership and create your online account. It is a straightforward process that is fast and free. Once you have completed the registration process, you will then automatically receive notifications inviting you to join surveys. You will also receive notifications through email. You may answer the surveys at your own leisure but some surveys are more urgent and requires to be immediately completed within the day.

The first step that you need to take to become a member of iZatso is to go to the membership page and create your online account using a unique username, password and email. The email is needed for confirmation. You need to provide all the required information in the corresponding fields. You may add other details later. It is crucial that you complete the profile details so that you will only receive the most relevant surveys. Your profile and surveys will be matched and you will be pre-selected to participate in specific surveys. There are surveys that are exclusive to specific groups or demographic sectors such as women.

Once you have completed the registration process, you can expect to receive regular invitations to participate in the surveys. You can access your own dashboard where you can monitor the survey invitations and view the points that you have earned. You simply need to click the link of the survey invitation to go directly to the survey questionnaire. You will be notified about the estimated time to finish the survey and the corresponding points that you can earn.

Depending on your profile information and the available matching surveys, you may receive surveys either very regularly or occasionally. On average, it may take about 5 to 15 minutes to complete a typical online survey in one setting but you have up to three days to completely answer the survey should you decide to postpone or you have some more urgent things to do.

Other types of surveys such as focused group discussions will require your physical presence in a particular venue. It may also take several hours to complete a focus group discussion. The compensations, however, are much higher compared to simply answering an online survey.

Redeeming points

iZatso will issue you an EFTPOS card when you redeem your points or participate in the focused group discussions, product testings and discussion boards. Your points will be credited in the card and you can use the card when purchasing in the partner stores. You may view the details here: http://www.izatso.com/default.aspx?page=CUOFFERS.  

Here are the Steps on How to Redeem Rewards

  1. You first need to log-in to your account
  2. Click on the “rewards” link and select the menu
  3. Click any voucher image
  4. Select your preferred voucher
  5. The total cost of the voucher will be confirmed. You may change the address of delivery
  6. The Offer Purchase Confirmation page will open, showing the validation of your request