Jetty Research – Review

What is Jetty Research?

Jetty Research is one of the pioneer market and social research companies in Australia that provide research services for businesses, government entities, and academic institutions. It provides the manpower of researchers, enumerators and statisticians. It also recruits and matches the right respondents with the appropriate research projects based on the demographic profiles and criteria set by the clients. Whether you are a producer or a consumer, you can be assured of the accuracy and objectivity of the results of the studies conducted by the company.

Jetty Research was founded in 2006 and it is based in Coffs Harbour. Its main thrusts include providing simple but credible and useful market research insights to its clients. The client base of the company includes the three branches of government, business sector (from small enterprises to corporations) and the academic sector. These various sectors have target markets that belong to specific demographic sections of the population. Government institutions need to know the needs and opinions of their constituents when it comes to public projects and policies that directly affect the welfare of the people. Businesses has the need to assess the preferences, purchasing power, economic standings and buying behaviours of the target consumers. Meanwhile, academic institutions might want to learn and have scientific data about the changing nature and interactions of the various aspects of society such as economics, politics and religion.

If you are a consumer who are interested to earn extra by participating in research projects, you may want to join Jetty Research. Aside from earning extra cash just by giving your opinions, you will have the privilege to influence the decisions of the companies and policymakers. In the long run, the public will benefit because the companies and government institutions will tailor their products, services and policies based on the needs of the target consumers.

As a market and social research company, Jetty Research is highly dependent on the quality of the respondents. Being such, the company gives importance to its member-respondents by providing them with good compensations and some other perks. These incentives provide some motivation to the respondents to become active in participating in the surveys and other research projects such as focus group discussions. Many of the research projects that are available in the website only require passive and impersonal participation from the respondents. These are the online surveys that can be answered at the leisure of the respondents. On the other hand, there are research projects that require in-depth interviews and interactions such as the focus group discussions. Members who are invited to participate in these studies receive higher compensations compared to those who merely answer online surveys. Participating in focus group discussions require more involvement and effort but it is more exciting and rewarding.

Jetty Research prides itself for the simpleness, credibility and usefulness of its research results. The research results are simple and do not include jargons. These are thoroughly analyzed but concisely and clearly presented. The results are credible both for the clients and for the respondents. The methodology is objective and can be verified but the privacy of the respondents is protected. Finally, the results are useful and practical for many stakeholders. They can be used as basis for important decisions.

How does Jetty Research works?

If you are interested to join Jetty Research and participate in some of its research projects, you first need to create an online account and be invited to research projects that match your profile. Once you have successfully created and verified your online account, you will regularly receive notifications about the research opportunities and other updates.

In most cases, the research projects involve online surveys. You are most likely to receive invitations because these are more numerous and much easier to accomplish compared to other types of research projects such as focus group discussions. The other types of research projects also require higher degree of involvement and effort. This is particularly true for focus group discussions wherein the participants need to be physically present in a particular venue at a scheduled time and date. A respondent has to spend a couple of hours and actively participate in the discussions. The compensation for participating in a focus group discussion is a bit higher compared to other types of research projects and given immediately after the session.

Jetty Research offers five main types of services to clients, namely, CATI research (telephone interview), online and paper research, data analysis and reporting, focus group and workshop recruitment, and local government research and training. You might be invited to any of these research projects if you have the right qualifications or profile. You may also undergo further screening to determine whether you are really qualified. The screening is typically done through the phone.

If you are residing in some well-known CBD at least one to two hours of your time, you have better chance of being selected to participate in focus group discussions. You can receive $50 to $100 per compensation per session depending on the length of the session.

How to join Jetty Research?

If you are interested to join the focus group discussions of Jetty Research, you first need to go to this page: Read the introduction and instructions. Answer the questionnaire and complete your online profile. You must be at least 16 years old and a resident of Australia. You can be assured that your personal data will be kept confidential and no selling or promotion of products is involved.