Mint Surveys – Review

About Mint Surveys

As an online market research company, Mint has several company clients that intend to reach out to their target customers. They need to gather various types of information on a wide range of topics. The data that are needed by the companies are intended to assess the preferences of the target customers and their opinions on certain issues that could be relevant in developing and marketing new products. Mint Surveys provides the necessary online platform to bridge the information gap between the companies and the consumers. The website relies on its pool of members to participate in the surveys. The surveys are tailored for specific demographics that the website automatically match with the members based on the profile information that they have provided. The website facilitates the distribution of survey questionnaires to the target respondents and it also provides analytical services.

Both the companies and the consumers benefit from the surveys. On one hand, the companies are able to tailor their products based on the needs and wants of the customers. In this manner, the risks of losing money on unwanted products will be minimized. On the other hand, the consumers will later be able to get the products that they need and want. The immediate benefits that the respondents get are the rewards that they will earn.

Aside from private commercial companies, Mint Surveys also deliver surveys from government institutions and socio-civic organizations that are trying to find out what types of social services their constituents and target beneficiaries need. In exchange of the opinions given by respondents, they earn cash and other rewards.

The website is owned and operated by The Online Research Unit Pty Ltd or simply the ORU Pty Ltd. It is one of the the most prominent online market research companies in Australia. It is a 100% Australian owned company and a member of the Association of Market and Social Research Organisations or AMSRO. As an established member of AMSRO, ORU strictly complies with the code of professional behaviour of the organization and it is also bound by the Market & Social Research Privacy Principles. This means that any personal and financial information that you provide will not be sold to other companies for direct contact or marketing purposes. Your identity will remain anonymous and your opinions will be used only for market research purposes.

The member respondents of the website can be assured of that their privacy will not be invaded once they have join the website’s pool of respondents. Becoming a member of the website’s panel of respondents is a privilege. It is by invitation only. The company thoroughly screen the respondents and there is a verification process to ensure the truthfulness and credibility of the information provided. This policy is implemented also to ensure the randomness of the population demographic samples that the website use for its surveys and quick opinion pools.


In order to be eligible to participate in the surveys and earn rewards, you first need to register as a member of the website. Your application will then be evaluated if you qualify as to the basic requirements such as age and place of residence. There are other pieces of information that you need to include in the application in order for you to be evaluated. However, registration is by invitation only. The website send random invitations to ensure the statistical accuracy of the research in terms of demographic spread.

The company has a team of online research experts that formulate the survey questionnaires and analyze the results. The website provides the platform whereby respondents can be recruited and the companies can send their questions. It provides the convenient means to answer surveys and also for companies to provide incentives to the respondents to complete the comprehensive and long surveys. The incentives are necessary to motivate respondents to complete the surveys. Few people would be willing to complete long surveys if they will not be able to get anything in return.

Once you complete the registration process, you will start to receive survey invitations that are tailored based on the information that you provided in your profile. The invitations will be sent directly to your email inbox but you can also view invitations in your member dashboard in the website. You will have your own private account as a member that can be accessed using the username and password that you provided. Each survey opportunity has specific monetary reward and estimated length of time to be completed. The amount of rewards that you will receive will largely depend on the length of the survey.

Every time you complete a survey, the specified reward amount will be credited to your Mint Surveys account. You can answer as many surveys that are available to you and you may opt to accumulate your rewards but you need at least $20 balance in your account before you can redeem your rewards.

Redeeming rewards

For every survey that you are able to complete, you will earn specific points particular to a survey length. These points have equivalent cash rewards. You can accumulate your points and later redeem them. However, you need at least the equivalent of $20 in your account to start redeeming the rewards. You need to wait up to 28 days before you can receive the rewards. Each point that you earn is equivalent to $0.10 that will be automatically credited to your account. Even if you are screened out after answering just a few questions, you will still earn some guaranteed points.