Minter Group – Review

About Minter Group

If you want to make a positive difference in the market, joining online survey panels like the Minter Group is one of achieving it in a relatively easy but effective manner. Your opinion will matter when you join the Minter Group survey panel. You can make a significant dent in the overall dynamics of the market by simply participating in the surveys. The companies and institutions that hire the research services of Minter Group need the opinions of their target demographics on a wide range of topics. The survey topics could include different types of products, personal preferences and even socio-political topics.

Companies want to know the needs, wants, preferences, buying behaviors and purchasing power of their target demographics. These pieces of information are essential in product development and formulating marketing strategies, thereby ensuring the market acceptability and profitability of the products. The companies want to minimize the risks of losing money on products that otherwise will not be patronized by their target consumers. On the other hand, some government institutions and NGOs may also hire the services of Minter Group to assess the status of their respective constituents or stakeholders, allowing them to respond more effectively with the proper policy interventions.

The Minter Group is one of the oldest market research companies in Australia. It was established in 1981 as a namesake of Geoff Minter, the company’s founder. The company was founded as a full service market research agency. Being a registered psychologist and with a strong background in advertising and marketing, the founder decided to shift the direction of the company to marketing in partnership with Cadbury-Schweppes and General Foods. Geoff Minter collaborated with various marketing teams and won four national marketing awards for consumer goods strategies. These strategies would not have been effective without the comprehensive market research programs.

Minter Group later re-shifted its focus to market research services. This was because of the generally perceived need for establishing a market research company that has strong grasp of the importance of quality research design as basis for formulating strategies in creating business, identifying market opportunities and adding value to brands (whether new ones or well-established brands). Minter Group has established a good reputation in the industry through its expertise gained through years of  experience and innovations. Some of its major global clients include Microsoft, Sheraton Hotels and Resorts, Toshiba, Apple, Merrill Lynch HSBC, ninemsn, GE Commercial and SAP.

If you become a member of Minter Group research panel, you will have the opportunity to influence the decisions of companies, including large and well-established corporations. You will earn some compensation in the process. However, the best thing about it is that you will help your fellow customers to get the best possible products that they need and want at the prices that they can afford. Aside from its regular exploratory surveys, Minter Research also regularly conducts customer satisfaction studies for large companies like Microsoft, Medicare, Federal Australian Government departments, Toshiba and other companies that recognise the value of customer satisfaction.The results of the customer satisfaction studies can serve as the basis of strategies that take into consideration the opportunities and competitor vulnerabilities. These studies allow the companies to tailor their products and marketing strategies in response to the market demands and competitions.

Aside from market research, Minter Group was a pioneer in online market research in the 1990s and it also became one of the first research companies that conducted the first online political poll on a global scale in 1996. Despite of the relatively low internet use during that time and the warnings that the sample results might be skewed, the sample results were close to the national election results.

Minter Group became a well-established and one of the best-trusted market research companies. This is particularly true in the fields of healthcare industry in Australia and the larger part of Asia. It still continues to provide B2B and IT market services. It has a professional team of native-speaking interviewers and recruiters.

How does it work?

Just like other paid survey companies, Mint Research relies on an incentive scheme in motivating respondents to participate and complete the surveys. It relies on its pool of members when inviting respondents that match the criteria set by its clients. As a respondent you will receive certain amount of compensation based on the length of the survey, the type of research and the sponsoring company.

You first need to register and create your own account to be part of the database of possible respondents. Your online profile will serve as basis for matching you with the demographic criteria of the companies that are sponsoring the research projects. Once you are matched with specific research projects, invitations will be sent to you. You may either ignore or accept the invitations. The estimated length and the compensation for each survey will be indicated in every survey.

Even if you are screened out after answering just a few questions, there are guaranteed minimum compensations for participating in the surveys. You can accumulate your earnings and opt to redeem these earnings as a lump sum on later date, provided that you have earned the minimum required amount.

How to register?

You need to be at least 18 years old of age and a resident of Australia in order for you to be eligible to participate in the Mint Research Australian research panel. You need to have a valid email address and register online. You should complete your profile and be matched with the existing research projects. You should register on this page and verify your account: Simply follow the online prompts to complete the registration process.