MySurvey – Review

About MySurvey

MySurvey is one of the well-known paid survey websites in Australia. It has a pool of members and continue to recruit new members for online market research purposes. Its members have direct contributions to companies that sponsor surveys. This is in terms of influencing the decision-making of the companies in developing, marketing and distributing their products. The opinions of the respondents that are gathered in through the questionnaires are analyzed and become the basis for strategic product development and marketing campaigns. In return, the respondents are given incentives in the form of cash and vouchers. The vouchers can be used when shopping in various well-known stores in Australia.

On average, each survey that is completed by a member is rewarded with up to 10,000 points, depending on the length of the survey. The reward points are valued at $1 per 110 to 115 points earned. A survey participant has the option to exchange the points for gift cards or for cash. However, a minimum of 550 points must first be earned in order for a participant to be eligible for a payout. The lengths of the surveys vary depending on the information that the sponsoring company needs. A survey could be completed for as short as a few minutes but could take as much as an hour or more. A member can also earn extra 200 points for every referral signup. There are quarterly prize draws for members who qualify.


Just like other paid survey websites, MySurvey provides incentives to its members for every survey they are able to finish. These incentives are in the forms of cash and voucher rewards. A registered member is pre-qualified to participate in every survey based on the information in the profile that indicates the demographic category of the participant. Hence, the surveys are tailored to the respondents. The differences in gender, age, educational attainment and economic status determine which type of survey opportunity will be sent to the participants.

The various surveys are customized based on the specific information that a sponsoring company needs to gather. The opinions given by the survey respondents are serve as benchmark and basis for the decision-making of the companies. The results of the surveys influence the product development and marketing strategies of the companies.

Once you become a registered member of MySurvey, you will be able to access your own private dashboard. You can monitor the surveys available to you and also the points that you have earned. You can also see the number of entries that qualifies you to the quarterly prize draw. Aside from regular surveys, there are also mini polls or quick opinion polls that typically only have one question about specific issues. Participating in these mini polls will earn you additional points.

MySurvey also has a mobile app that you can download in your smartphone or tablet. This app is a more convenient interactive way of earning rewards. Many of the surveys are designed for mobile devices and are different from those that can be accessed through PCs or Macs.

Redeeming rewards

You need to earn a minimum of 550 points to be able to redeem your rewards. There are guaranteed points that you will be able to earn even if you do not complete the survey questions or if you are screened out after answering a few questions. The points that you will earn can be redeemed in the form of gift cards that are valid in the following stores: JB H-Fi, Coles, Woolworths, The Body Shop and many others. You also have the option to redeem the points through PayPal credit or you may donate your earnings to one of the partner charity organizations of MySurvey. The points that you have earned expire within two years.

The points that you earn do not appear immediately on your dashboard. It could take up to 30 days before the points are indicated in your dashboard. The processing of electronic vouchers and PayPal credits takes about one week. On the other hand, tangible or physical gift cards and other prizes may take up to four weeks before they are delivered to your nominated mailing address.

Loyalty program

To provide more incentives for members to participate, MySurvey has introduced a loyalty program. This is a program that provides additional rewards to members who are active in answering surveys. Additional rewards and bonuses are given to members who are able to complete more surveys.

The loyalty program has four levels, namely, bronze, silver, gold and platinum. The loyalty level is based on the total number of points earned, which are directly related to the number of surveys that you completed.

The members who qualify for the silver, gold and platinum levels automatically earn bonus points every time they complete a survey. For instance, additional 5% of the standard points earned are credited to a member in the silver level upon completion of a survey form. This means that a survey that is worth 500 points will earn a silver member additional 25 bonus points on top of the 500 points.