Your Voice (SSI) – Review

About Your Voice (SSI)

Your Voice is one of the Australian online market research companies that rely on a pool of respondents who are website members. These respondents are prescreened based on their profile information and classified according to demographics. Just like other online market research websites, Your Voice motivates its members through a reward system. The members who participate in answering surveys earn points that can be redeemed as cash or other rewards. The opinions of the member respondents are used by the client companies. Member respondents directly influence the companies that hire the services of Your Voice. The client companies will base their decisions about product development and marketing on the opinions of the respondents.

The payments that you will receive from surveys will vary depending on the length of the survey. Hence, you have greater chance of earning better if you complete more surveys. You can receive $1 per 10 points that you earn and you can redeem your rewards as gift cards and as online vouchers. However, you need to earn at least 50 points of $5 in order to redeem your rewards. On average, a typical survey can be completed between 10 and 15 minutes. You also have the opportunity to earn $5,000 cash during the quarterly prize draws.


Just like other paid survey websites, Your Voice provide market research services for its client companies through online surveys. The client companies sponsor the surveys and the respondents receive rewards for answering the surveys. There are guaranteed points that can be earned by a respondent for every questionnaire even if he or she is screened out after answering just a few questions. However, quitting does not count. Aside from the financial rewards, the survey participants will also learn from the surveys and sometimes will have the opportunity to use new products.

Member respondents are prescreened based on their profile information. These survey opportunities are accessible through the member dashboard. You are allowed to complete as many surveys you are invited to answer. Of course, more surveys that you complete mean that you also earn more points. You can monitor your points and the prize draws you have qualified for.

Redeeming points

Once you have earned a minimum of 50 points or $5, you will be eligible to redeem or claim your rewards. The points can be redeemed for gift cards from various participating stores that include the following: JB H-Fi, Bunnings, Amazon, Myer andiTunes. You also have the option to donate your point to partner charities. The points do not have expiration dates as long as you remain a member of the website. It takes two days for electronic vouchers to be processed and ten days for physical gift card to arrive to your stated address.