Hiving Survey Panel – Review

About Hiving Survey Panel

Hiving is a market research website that provides online consumer paneling service. It is a French company that was founded in 2009 and specializing in gathering consumer opinions. Other companies from various business sectors hire the website to reach out to its target consumers. This is accomplished by sampling various population demographics and inviting respondents from these sections of the population to participate in the surveys. Although Hiving is based in Paris, France, its operations have a global reach. The company has presence in twenty countries around the world.

Just like other paid survey websites, Hiving relies on its pool of member-respondents to complete the surveys sponsored by various companies. It utilizes an incentive scheme to attract new recruits and provide impetus for members to actively participate in the surveys. It would be very difficult to motivate respondents to complete long surveys if they will not get anything in return.

The website serves as a bridge between the companies and the target consumers from various demographic sectors. The main objective of getting the opinions of consumers is to help the companies decide on various aspects of their business operations such as product development, marketing and pricing. The companies need deeper understanding about their target consumers. Since it would be very impractical or even new to impossibility to have a census of all consumers for a particular product, the scientific way of doing it would be to do random sampling. This is necessary to ensure accuracy in representing a population or a section of it.

The global reach of Hiving enables it to sample wider international demographics and it also attracts well-known brands worldwide. This means that there are excellent opportunities for both the companies and the member-respondents. On one hand, the companies are able to minimize the risk of losing money on products that would otherwise fail because of the lack of demand or market interest on these products. On the other hand, the consumers are able to directly influence the companies in their decisions, thereby empowering them to have the best products that are tailored to their needs, wants and purchasing power.

The company’s name, Hiving, was derived from the word hive or home. It is a relatively modern ideology that is based on the idea of bringing the focus back to life at home, while still maintaining an open and strong connection with the rest of the world. Basically, it is an idea that puts emphasis on staying in the comfort of one’s own home but still not detached from the opportunities of the outside world. It is an ideology that is open to adventures and new opportunities while staying grounded at home. Hence, the company opens opportunities for those who are staying and working at home but still want to contribute to the larger community. The website provides a platform that allows for home-based interaction with individuals and business entities around the world. The website is striving to become a community wherein consumers and companies can interact and maintain a feedback mechanism for improving products.

The global presence of the website’s operations mean that you can expect a wide range of topics that are related to consumer products, services, household, health, automotive and hobbies.

Honesty is valued by the website when it comes to answering the surveys. Honest opinions would mean better business judgement on the part of the companies. In exchange of their honest opinions, they are compensated.


In order to be eligible to participate in the surveys, you must be a resident of one of the countries where the website services are offered. You must also be at least 15 years old and you have to agree with the terms and conditions of the website. Registration is 100% free and simple. It may take only a few minutes to complete the registration. You simply need to fill in the registration form online and submit. You will then need to verify your account. You should create your own username and unique password. You may also use your email instead of username to login to your account. You need to be logged-in to participate in the surveys. You will be able to view the survey invitations and the points that you have earned when you are logged-in to your member dashboard.

You will receive survey invitations that are relevant to your profile. You will be pre-screened and matched with the available surveys. This is important because all surveys are intended only for specific groups of people. There are also some surveys that have filter questions, which further narrow down the respondents, thereby providing more precise assessments of opinions. Aside from the online surveys, you may also be invited to try new products for free or you might be invited to join focused groups discussions. The compensation depend on the length and the urgency of the surveys. You will be paid more for longer and more urgent surveys. You will also have additional points depending on the level of involvement such as in the case of product testing. You may also earn extra if you refer a friend to sign up and that friend also participates in surveys.

You must at least earn a minimum of 4,000 points to become eligible to redeem your points. Below is the conversion rates of the points.

4,000 Points = $5

8,000 Points = $10

12,000 points = $15

You must avoid being inconsistent in your answers and do not try to answer the same survey multiple times. Otherwise, your points might be revoked. However, you have guaranteed points even if you are screened out after answering a few questions.

Redeeming points

You need to log-in to your account to start redeeming your points. You need to at least earn 4,000 points to convert your points to cash.  Go to the Hiving Wallet in the left toolbar and click “Credited Points”. You can choose to receive store gift cards or vouchers. The redeemed points are as good as cash and can be used when purchasing in the partner stores.