iPoll – Review

About iPoll

If you are interested to earn extra money by simply giving your opinions, iPoll is one of the paid survey websites that you can trust. It provides wide range of opportunities to earn, which include online surveys on various topics. The more survey you complete, the higher is your earning potential. Just like other paid survey websites, iPoll relies on its pool of members when inviting respondents to surveys.

Each survey requires specific demographic profiles. Some have broader criteria while others are much narrower. This means that not all members will be invited to participate in all available survey opportunities. All companies have specializations and they have specific sectors of the market that they want to reach and be familiarized with. The main purpose of the market surveys and other types of market studies is to assess the market acceptability of particular products (goods and services), thereby knowing which parameters need to be adjusted or adapted based on the needs, wants, preferences, buying behaviors and purchasing powers of the target consumers.

Aside from the opportunity to earn, you will have the privilege to make a positive difference once you have become a member and get invited to participate in the surveys. Your opinions will have the power to significantly influence the decisions of the companies that sponsored the surveys. The companies will use the opinions of the respondents to be more effective in selling their products and also to minimize the risk of losing money or making very dismal and unsustainable profits. The consumer demographic sector that you represent will also largely benefit because of the improved products that are more suited to that particular demographics. Both the survey sponsors and the respondents benefit in the process. The larger population of consumers also benefits.

As a paid survey market research company, iPoll makes money through contracts with other companies that are commissioning it to facilitate surveys and recruit the appropriate respondents. However, a continuous supply of respondents is largely sustained by the incentives. The incentive or reward system of the company provides impetus for people to join and become active members. In most cases, only very few people would be motivated to answer long and detailed questionnaires if they would not be getting anything in return. The incentive system ensures that there is a large pool of members from whom respondents that correspond to particular demographic profiles.

The company offers a diverse reward program that will make your time spent in answering the surveys all worthwhile. It all largely depends on the sponsoring company, the type of research, the length of the survey and the internal policies of iPoll. Aside from cash incentives, you can also expect other types of rewards such as magazine subscriptions to Amazon gift codes, gift cards and vouchers. You also have the option to donate your earnings to a charitable organization that is supported by iPoll. The various types of rewards attract a wide range of demographics. This means that accuracy in terms of representing a population through random sampling is improved.

How does it work?

The iPoll network of operations is one of the largest in the world. It covers various countries and include a wide range of demographics. However, majority of the companies that hired the services of iPoll are US-based companies and these companies mostly want to know about the US market demographics. Nonetheless, there are also some survey opportunities that require respondents from outside the United States.

In order to be invited to participate in the surveys, you first need to register and create an online account. It is crucial that you complete the online form and must be as detailed as possible. You should provide a username and a password for security reasons. You can include multiple interests. These will increase your chance of being invited to a particular research project. You also need a valid email address to confirm your iPoll account. Once verified, you will receive invitations in your email and in your website dashboard if there are available projects that match your profile information.

The iPoll website has an algorithm that matches your profile data with the criteria of the available survey opportunities. If you qualified as to the minimum qualifications, you will then be invited to participate as a respondent. The invitation will be sent to the email address that you used in the registration. It will also appear in your dashboard. You can monitor the points that you have earned, the surveys that you have completed and also the transactions that you have made.

You will earn corresponding rewards for every survey that you are able to finish. However, you need to reach the required minimum amount of rewards in order to redeem them. It could take up to four weeks before your redemption process can be completed.

How to register?

You need to be a resident of a country where iPoll has an operation or included in its database. You have to be of legal age in order to join. Creating an account is absolutely free and takes only a few minutes. You have to register on this page: https://www.ipoll.com/registration_step1.php. You need to complete the online form and click submit. You will then receive a verification email that contains a verification link. Simply click on the link to complete the registration process. You should enter your username and password every time you log-in to your account.