Research Connections

What is Research Connections?

Research Connections is among the most credible and sought-after market research companies in Australia. It focuses on on focus group discussions and field research in-depth interviews that comparably have higher compensations compared to the typical online surveys. Participating in focus group discussions is also comparably more exciting due to the level of involvement. Respondents need to be physically present in a particular venue for face-to-face discussion on certain topics that could range from product packaging to political issues.

The company provides real world and up-to-date market research services for various companies and institutions. It helps these organizations to gaining insights and understanding about the preferences and behaviours of their target consumers and clients. The respondents strongly influence the decisions of companies on different aspects such as product development, pricing and marketing. The respondents are rewarded for their opinions and they also get some perks and privileges such as trying out new products for free. In the long run, the consumers benefit by getting the top quality but affordable products that are tailored to their needs and wants.

Research Connections provides the convenient platform for interactive market research that is based on the results of focus group discussions, in-depth interviews and product testings. Both the company clients and target customers will benefit in the long run. The companies will minimize the risks of losing money on products that otherwise will not be patronized by the consumers. Meanwhile, the consumers will get the best possible products.

Research Connections mechanics

The company has a team of market research specialists that screen respondents and conduct focus group discussions and fieldwork services. The company mainly serves as a facilitator. It does not design the research or interpret the results. It selects its respondents from its large consumer and member database. Its professional recruitment team thoroughly screen potential focus group participants based on the specifications of the clients, matching the surveys with the demographic profiles of the potential participants. The company also has a strong B2B financial services and IT recruitment team, a medical and pharmaceutical database, and a strict set of quality control standards.

On average, the focus group sessions last for about 1.5 to 2 hours. The schedule may vary depending on the common availability of the respondents. Hence, it could be during the day, evening or weekends. These focus group discussions are typically held in conducive venues in various metropolitan locations and regional locations. The venues could include hotel board rooms and facilities that are owned by the company. Meanwhile, a typical one-on-one in-depth interview could last from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Research Connections is among the market research companies that offer high compensation for participating in focus group discussions. If you are chosen to participate in a focus group discussion and you are able to complete the session, you can expect to be paid between $80 and $100 for a two-hour session. This is just the average payment range. It could be higher if you are chosen to participate in a focus group discussion for specialised and high profile audiences. You have the option to be paid at the end of the session or you may opt to donate your earnings to any charity that is supported by the website.

As a market research company, Research Connections is concerned only with gathering market information. It will not sell you any product or sell your personal information to other companies, even its own clients. You privacy and anonymity will be respected. The privacy policy and procedures of the company are in accordance with the National Privacy Principles that are promulgated in the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988 (Act No. 119 as amended), and the Market and Social Research Privacy Code which came into effect on 1st September 2003.

There are several types research studies in which you can participate. Aside from focus group discussions, you might also also be invited to participate in phone interviews, product testings, mystery shopping, TV or movie watching, centralized taste tests and online surveys.

How to register

Before you can become eligible to be invited in the research projects, you first need to register and create your account online. You should go to and fill in the online form. Just be sure to complete all the required fields. The more details you provide, the greater is your chance to be invited to participate in various research projects. You will automatically have a chance to win $50 worth of vouchers upon successful signup. You must be a resident of Australia and of legal age in order to join.

Once registered, your profile will become part of the website’s database. Your profile data will then be matched with the criteria that are set by the clients. If your profile fits, you will be contacted. However, further screening might still be required by phone to narrow down the respondents to a particular demographic. You can participate in focus group discussions only once every six months to prevent the skewing of the statistical data. However, you can be invited more regularly to other research projects such as online surveys.