Research Me

What is Research Me?

Research Me is a company trademark that is owned and operated by Farron Research. It is an online platform that took more than a decade to develop. Farron Research has extended its expertise in recruiting the right respondents and facilitating research projects. The company itself does not design the research projects nor set the criteria of recruiting respondents. The specifics of the research designs and the criteria for recruiting respondents are given by the clients who sponsored the research projects. The research company merely facilitates the implementation of the research projects by providing services such as the research manpower, online platform and tools and recruitment of qualified respondents.

The Research Me platform has been a very effective recruitment tool and a convenient means of gathering data from respondents. It is a platform for bridging the information gap between the companies and their target consumers. The system has proven to be reliable and successful that Farron Research has been using it in its day-to-day operations. As a result, there is high demand from direct clients and other research companies. The high demand prompted Farron Research to commercialize Research Me to make it available to a large number of clients and respondents.

In terms of the technical aspects, the Research Me system was developed using the latest Microsoft © platforms such as Microsoft .NET 4 and a Microsoft © SQL Server database. The advanced programming makes the system user-friendly, secure and efficient. It is a platform that can be used by other research companies. It allows the users, namely, the company staff, the target research participants or respondents and the clients to access the system online using secure connection. It facilitates interactions but also maintains the privacy of the respondents. Sometimes the clients also want to remain anonymous to the respondents to minimize the influencing their opinions.

As an online, the Research Me platform is easy to use for daily operations, easing the recruitment and facilitating the delivery of surveys to the target respondents, The system is updated on a regular basis to make it more adaptable to the needs of the clients and the individual respondents.

If you are a client who is looking for a credible research company or a market research platform but not yet ready to commit to sign a contract, you may register to Research Me platform and use it on trial demo basis. You will be able to get the feel of the system and be able to familiarize with the tools and features. The trial demo version will allow you to assess whether the system is suited for your needs. At the same time, you may find some aspects that need improvement and you may suggest some upgrades.

Should you decide that the platform is useful to your company’s research purposes, you have two main options, namely, the lite version and the multi-user version. The first option is very affordable and ideal for home-based recruiters while the second version is intended for large-scale operations of corporate recruitment agencies. The second version can handle multiple research projects at the same time and it can manage and process large amount of data.

On the other hand, if you are an individual who is interested to participate in the research projects as a respondent, you can register for free. Just make sure to provide all the required information in your profile. A detailed profile will allow you to have better chance to be invited to various research projects.

How does Research Me works?

Research Me is an online platform for recruiting targeted respondents, facilitating surveys, storing data and processing data. It is a service provider both for the research clients and the respondents. It is a commercialized platform that allows clients to do their own recruitment and research online in convenient and secured fashion. There are two main options for clients, namely, the lite version and the multi-user version. The first one provides affordable means for small-scale and home-based recruiters to recruit and manage respondents. The second option is designed for large-scale corporate users.

The system is free of use for respondents. Respondents can register for free and their profiles will be pre-screened if their profiles match specific research projects. The profiles are matched with research projects based on specific demographic criteria. The respondents receive compensations based on the type and length of research projects. Typically, longer and more urgent surveys have higher corresponding compensations.

The system is largely automated when generating reports. It is easy to use for both clients and respondents. On one hand, it allows clients to recruit the appropriate respondents that are suited to participate the research projects. On the other hand, the clients are given easy and secure access to paid survey opportunities.

How to register to Research Me?

Registration is free if you are a respondent but you need to complete the registration form. You can create your online profile on this page: You simply need to wait for invitation to participate in a survey or research project. If you are a researcher or recruiter, you can may either try the demo trial version or contact the website staff to sign-up for an account and purchase an appropriate program for your needs. You can find the contact details on this page: You may also download the PDF user guide from this link: