Live Tribe

About Live Tribe

If you register as member to Live Tribe, you will have various opportunities to earn rewards. Live Tribe is one of the most credible paid survey websites. It serves as a bridge between its client companies and the target consumers. It is a market research company that mainly relies on rewards system to motivate its member respondents to completely answer the surveys. The members in the website can participate not only in the prescreened surveys but also in one-question polls, forums and other online activities. Active participation means better chance of accruing large points. Qualified members can redeem their points either as gift cards or as cash. As a new member, you will automatically earn 500 points upon sign up.

You can earn an average of 500 points per survey that you are able to complete depending on the length of the survey. Even if you are screened out after answering several questions, you will still earn guaranteed corresponding points. You will earn an equivalent of $1 for every 740 points that you garner. However, you need to earn a minimum of 7,400 points or $10 in order to be eligible in redeeming your points. If you want to earn extra points, you can refer friends and acquaintances. You will earn 1,000 points per referral who joins and completes three surveys. If you are an active member, you may qualify for the quarterly prize draw worth $5,000.


Live Tribe is hired by various companies that offer wide range of products, most of which are used by consumers on a daily basis. These companies provide incentives for the member respondents to answer the survey questions, which vary in length depending on the information that companies need to gather. Live Tribe market provides data gathering services and analytical services but relies on its pool of member respondents for the opinions. As a member, your opinions are valued by the companies and serve as basis for many of their decisions, from product development to product placement. You should expect to be asked about a wide range of topics that are typically pre-selected based on the profile information that you submitted.

You can check your member dashboard for the survey opportunities that are available to you. You can monitor your points and other information about your account in the dashboard. You can respond to survey invitations by clicking on the respective links.

The registered members of Live Tribe are eligible to play a different game each month on the website. Active members who are able to make it to the leaderboard each month, garnering the highest points will automatically earn additional $50 cash. You can also take part in the monthly submissions, which vary and range from photo submissions to best recipe submissions. There are several fun ways to win prizes and earn rewards in the website. The website has recently introduced a product and review counterpart called Live Tribe Mates. This new website will allow you to submit your opinions in essay form about certain products that you have recently used.

Redeeming points

The points that you accrued can be redeemed either as equivalent gift cards or as cash. However, you first need to earn a minimum of 7,400 points to be eligible for point redemption. Aside from the regular surveys in which you are prescreened, you can also earn points from your participations in other online activities such as the forums. Even if you are screened out after answering a few questions, you still have guaranteed corresponding points as reward for the time and effort that you spent.

As a member, you have several options on how and where to redeem your points once you have reached or exceeded the minimum required points. You may redeem your points from the following online stores: Deals Direct, Amazon, Flight Centre, Wotif and Qantas. You may also redeem your points in exchange of Eftpos vouchers or as PayPal credit. On the other hand, if you are the altruistic type, you may choose to donate your points to one of the Australian charitable organizations that are being supported by Live Tribe.

There are are several things that you should remember when claiming or redeeming your points in order to avoid hassles and frustrations. First, you need to earn the minimum required points before you can qualify. Second, it usually takes between 15 and 30 days before your application for point redemption is processed and your rewards are delivered.

You should also be aware of the bonus prize draw every quarter to which you may qualify. This is added incentive for active members of the website. You can win as much as $1,000 in the quarterly draws. Five randomly drawn members will win $1,000 each every quarter draw. All active members receive at least one entry into the prize draw. Hence, if you are more active, you can qualify for more entries. You can earn up to 100 extra entries into the draw if you actively participate in the various activities of the website.

There are several ways in which you as member can earn extra or bonus points. The first way is to simply accept invitations to participate in any survey. By simply accepting invitation, you will automatically earn points even if you do not answer or complete the survey questions. The second way is to complete the “refer a friend” section of the website. Bonus points will be rewarded once a referral also completes at least three surveys each. The third way is to complete the profile questions found in your member dashboard. The fourth way is to suggest a poll that will be then be published in the website.

If you have qualms about signing up with Live Tribe because of privacy issues, you should not worry too much. You can be assured that your identity and privacy will be protected. These will not be used or sold to third parties for nefarious purposes. Your identity and other information you provide in the website will only be used for market research purposes. The website is committed to ensuring the security of the sensitive pieces of information that are provided by the members. The opinions that you provide in the surveys are anonymous. They will not be linked to your profile but will be objectively assessed as part of the statistical data.