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About Select Opinion Leaders

If you are searching for reputable market research website, Select Opinion Leaders are among the leading websites that you can trust. It is one of the credible online market research websites that many companies hire to gather pertinent market data through online survey questionnaires. Aside from online surveys, other market research methods are also utilized such as product testing, focus group discussions, phone interviews, mystery shopping and other methods. The website is owned and operated by Ekas Marketing Research, which is a 100% independent Australian company. Ekas Marketing Research was founded in 1971 and has been operating the Select Opinion Leaders (SOL) website since 2001.

SOL is exclusively a market research field agency. It does not design the research, write the questionnaires or analyze and interpret the survey results. As a research field agency, SOL merely conducts the research studies that are commissioned by companies based on the specifications of the companies. The website has online forms, telephone interviewers and field interviewers that are deployed in different parts of Australia. The website staff conducts field or on-site research activities such as taste tests and guided shopping. It also manages several online forums in SOL, Apple A Day and Medical Opinion Leaders websites. The company employs wide range of research methods to collect data and find the right respondents.

SOL collects, processes and de-identifies the collected data. De-identification is crucial in maintaining the anonymity and privacy of the respondents. In this manner, the risks of identity theft and spamming are significantly reduced. The anonymity also empowers the respondents to be more honest in their opinions instead of hesitating or being held back by social pressures such as bandwagons.

The clients of the company are the ones that design the research, write the questionnaires and interpret the results. SOL simply implements the research and facilitates the matching of the surveys with the appropriate respondents. The honest feedbacks of the members are very important to the companies because these will serve as basis for many of their decisions that concern business operations, product development, marketing, packaging and marketing. The data that are collected through the surveys benefit the companies by minimizing the risks of losing money on products that are otherwise won’t be patronized by the consumers. On the other hand, the respondents benefit by earning rewards for every survey that they are able to complete. In the long run, the consumers are generally able to get the best possible products that are tailored to their needs and purchasing power. Companies and consumers are able to see eye-to-eye, thereby ensuring a more sustainable supply and demand interactions.

The website serves as a go-between that bridges the information gap between the companies and their target consumers. SOL provides the convenient platform for both companies and consumers to interact while maintaining respondent privacy without compromising the reliability of the data collected. The website also have a feedback mechanism that allows the members to contribute in designing surveys. Suggestions are welcomed when it comes to improving surveys. New surveys are first tested on small number of respondents to see the effectiveness of the questionnaires in gathering pertinent data

SOL is committed to high quality and research standards in the industry. It complies with the international standards of ISO 20252 and ISO 26362 in terms of benchmarking its effectiveness. These accreditations are earned only by companies that have proven track records and capabilities in terms of data collection and market research.

Furthermore, the mother company of the website, Ekas, has been consistent in being in the forefront of complying with national and international standards. The company was first accredited to IQCA in 1995 by MRQA. It was also one of the first companies that were awarded with the Australian Standard (AS4752) in 2004. It later earned the International Standard (AS ISO 20252) in 2006 and was accredited with international standard in access panels (ISO 26362) inb 2010.

Aside from the awards and accreditations, Ekas has always been involved in the various organizations in the industry. The following are the various organizations to which the company belongs: Australian Market & Social Research Society (AMSRS) since 1989 and abides by the Market Research Code of Professional Behaviour; Me the Association Market & Social Research Organisation (AMSRO) since 1994 and abides by the Privacy Code; and, the European Society for Opinion and Market Research (ESOMAR) since 1998.


In order to be eligible to participate in the research, you should first create an online account with SOL. As a member, you can be invited to answer online surveys, participate in focus group discussions, in depth interviews and taste testings as well as other research activities. You will earn cash that range from $40 to $300 depending on the length and type of research.

Members of the websites are typically pre-screened to join the various research opportunities. The pre-screening process is based on the profile information and based on the results of the preliminary questions. Even if you are screened out, you can still earn guaranteed points.

Redeeming points

All the points that can earn from answering surveys or participating actual studies can be redeemed for Prepaid EFTPOS Gift cards worth $30, $50 or $100 in $AUD. You can spend this anywhere in Australia that accepts EFTPOS. You also have the option to redeem your points for bank cheque in your own bank, redeemable in $20,$40,$100 denominations. If you are the altruistic type, you may redeem by donating your points to charities.
Below is a list of points and their respective cash equivalents:

2300 points = $20 Bank Cheque
3800 points = $30 Prepaid EFTPOS Gift card
5300 points = $50 Bank Cheque
5800 points = $50 Prepaid EFTPOS Gift card
10300 points = $100 Bank Cheque
10800 points = $100 Prepaid EFTPOS Gift card