Opinions Paid

What is OpinionsPaid?

As the name suggests, OpinionsPaid™ is an incentivized survey website. It is a market research company that offers rewards for the opinions of the survey respondents. Just like other paid websites, the company relies on its pool of members when it comes recruiting respondents for specific research projects. The incentive scheme provides some impetus for  website members to participate in the surveys and completely answer the questionnaires. The incentive scheme is also an effective way of attracting new website members either through viral means such as word-of-mouth referrals or through promotional awareness. Some potential members may also accidentally stumble upon the website.

The OpinionsPaid™ Service and the OpinionsPaid™ Web sites  or simply the OpinionsPaid™ companies are owned and operated by Colmar Brunton Research Pty Ltd trading. It is one of the well-established and reputable paid survey companies in Australia. It has a wide range clients from various sectors of business. Some of which are multinational and well-known brands. The large client base of the company means excellent opportunities for website members to participate in various surveys. It means the the website members have better chance of earning rewards.

However, before you become eligible to participate in the surveys, you must first register in the website and complete your online profile. You must be at least 14 years old and a resident of Australia in order to register. You cannot have more than one account or alias as member. You are also not allowed to register on behalf of another person. However, a maximum of six members per postal address are allowed. You should carefully read the terms and conditions before ticking the agree box and clicking the submit button.

Your chance of being invited to participate in any of the active surveys will directly depend on how your profile data match the criteria of the companies that sponsored the surveys. The more surveys you are able to complete, the greater is your chance of earning rewards. The amount of rewards that you will earn is also dependent on the length of the survey, the urgency of the survey and the type of survey. Surveys that take longer to finish will require greater effort. Hence, these surveys comparably have higher compensations. Similarly, urgent surveys that need to be finished within the day or even within just a few hours will require greater focus. The higher compensation will motivate respondents to finish these surveys. Finally, there are several types of surveys that may require some specializations or in-depth involvements. These command higher amount of rewards.

You can receive up to 15 survey invitations per week and you may either ignore or accept the invitation.

Aside from the regular surveys, OpinionsPaid™ also conducts quick polls and has an online forum for discussing various topics and interacting with other members. The amount of rewards for participating in the quick polls and forum discussions also vary depending on several factors such as the level of involvement. The research company reserves the right to change the rules and the amount of compensations but with 30-day notice.

How does OpinionsPaid™ work?

Just like other incentivized market research websites, OpinionsPaid™ utilizes an incentive scheme that provides rewards to the respondents every time they are able to finish answering a survey. Even if you are screened out after answering just a few questions, you will still be paid a guaranteed minimum amount reward. The system is pretty much straightforward. You earn by simply giving your opinions.

You have to be at least 14 years old and a resident of Australia in order for you to register. You cannot register more than one account for your self or register in behalf of others. You are not allowed to share an email with others. You must use your own email. Nonetheless, the website allows a maximum of 6 registrants from the same postal address.

The quantity of survey invitations that you receive, however, is directly dependent on the number of active research projects that have criteria that match your profile data. Specific surveys have specific sets of criteria. These criteria are necessary to narrow down the number of respondents to the target demographics. Most products have specific target consumers such as in the case of consumer electronics, which largely target younger consumers. Some criteria are very narrow that only a few respondents will qualify.

You can expect to receive as much as 15 survey invitations per week. You may choose to either ignore or accept the invitations. You may answer the surveys at your leisure but typically there is a 72-hour grace period for you to finish a survey. Otherwise you will not be paid.

The estimated time to finish a survey and the corresponding amount of rewards are indicated in the surveys. You may decide whether to finish answering a survey in just one setting or avails of the 72-hour deadline. You will still be paid the whole amount of rewards even if you decide to take a more leisurely approach. Sometimes it is necessary to temporarily set aside answering a survey if you have something more important and urgent thing to do.

How to register to OpinionsPaid™?

In order to be eligible to register, you must be at least 14 years old and a resident of Australia. You must have a valid email address and should not share an email with others when registering. You should provide a username or display name and a password for security reasons. You should complete the online form and registration process on this page: http://www.opinionspaid.com/SignUp.aspx. You will then receive a confirmation email. Simply click the link in your email to validate your account.