Oz Panel and Morgan Research

About Oz Panel and Morgan Research

The online Oz Panel is owned and operated by Roy Morgan Research company. The company is the best-known and longest-operating market research company in Australia. It was founded in 1941. It specializes in surveys and other types of in-depth studies that assess consumer preferences and behaviors. It also regularly do public opinion polling. The company originally specialized in three aspects, namely, public opinion polling, corporate image and measuring the extent of media influence. The company now has a wider scope of research projects and clients. The company now includes all aspects of market research such as personal face-to-face interviews, telephone interviews, self-administered questionnaires and online surveys.

The company has a global reach with various international companies as its clients and a wide range of customer demographics. It provides comprehensive and extensive research services for different business industries. It has respondents from many parts of the globe, making it a truly international market research company. The company is based in Australia but its operations are worldwide. It has four offices in mainland Australia and branch offices located in London, New York, Princeton and Indonesia.

It was during the 1990s that several major changes took place, restructuring the Australian market research industry. The first major change happened when the American company, AC Nielsen merged with two larger ad hoc market research companies, Reark Research and AGB McNair. Meanwhile, the other two large market research companies, Frank Small and Associates and Yann Campbell Hoare Wheeler were bought by two UK companies, Taylor Nelson Sofres and WPP, respectively. Roy Morgan became the only exception because it remains to be the largest independent Australian market research company. Other Australian market research companies are smaller and focus on qualitative research projects.

Roy Morgan is also the best known public opinion and political polling organization that is independent from any media company. All other polling companies are either wholly owned or subsidiaries by larger media companies. If you are a client or a member respondent of Oz Panel, you can be assured of the accuracy, reputability and objectivity of the research results of the company. As one of the most prestigious and well-known research panels in Australia, Oz Panel, provides great opportunities for its members in various fields of business, political and social aspects. The company also have very transparent results when it comes to its political and public opinion polls. The results are published in its website, in newspapers, magazines, television, radio and other online publications.

As a research company, Roy Morgan Research conducts both online (through Oz Panel) and offline market research projects. It surveys existing and potential customer demographics depending on the specifications of its clients. It has unique and effective research methodologies. It has an annual base survey sample of 55,000 respondents in Australia and 15,000 respondents in New Zealand. Some of the topics of the surveys include lifestyle, media consumption habits (such as TV viewing, newspapers, magazines, movie watching and internet use), specific brand preferences, buying behaviors, purchasing power and leisure activities.

How it works?

Being part of the Roy Morgan Research groups Oz Panel is one of the most comprehensive and reputable online panels in Australia. You can be assured of the legitimacy of the survey opportunities. You will be compensated for participating in the research and simply giving your opinions. As a paid survey research panel, the website utilizes an incentivized scheme to recruit and motivate members to participate in the surveys. However, before you will be invited to join any of the surveys, you first need to register and create your own online account. You have to be at least 16 years old and a resident of Australia or any other country where the company has operations.

Once you have created your online account, you can then access your own member dashboard. You can view the survey invitations, the survey that you have finished, the points that you have earned and the points that you have earned. You can also update your profile through your member dashboard. You can redeem your points by selecting the ‘Cash in Your Credit’ option in your dashboard and selecting either a gift card or opt to donate your earnings.

Every company that hires the services of Oz Panel has its own criteria and research design. You will be selected based on the demographic criteria of the company as matched with your profile details. If you are qualified to join a certain research, you will be among those who will be invited in the survey. The amount of compensation that you can earn will largely depend on how many surveys or research studies you participate in. It is also, of course, very crucial that you finish answering the surveys. Even if you are screened out after answering just a few questions, you will still be given a minimum guaranteed compensation. The amount of compensation that you will receive per survey will depend on several factors such as the length of the survey and the company that sponsored it.

How to become a member?

Before you become eligible to participate in any of the surveys, you first need to register and create your online account. Registration is free and simple. It will take only a few minutes for you to complete the registration process. You need to complete the online form and verify your account through the verification link that will be sent to your email. Hence, you need a valid email. Once your account is verified, you can then log-in to your account. You can view invitation updates, the points that you have earned, the surveys that you have finished and the point redemptions that you have made. Simply go to this page and follow the online prompts: http://survey.euro.confirmit.com/wix5/p1458321995.aspx