Paid Focus Groups


What is Paid Focus Groups

If you are interested to participate in focus group discussions and get paid for simply sharing your opinions, Paid Focus Groups is among the credible market research companies that you can join. It is an Australian company that specializes in online focus group discussions. The company is in partnership with other research companies, advertising firms and well-known consumer brands in gathering pertinent market data from target demographics. These data are based on the opinions of the respondents. The research company itself does not design the research projects and it also does not set the criteria for selecting the participants. It simply implements and facilitates the research projects that are commissioned by other companies.

The website is a property of and owned by Additional View Pty Ltd, which is an Australian research and business consultancy firm. Aside from consumer product-oriented or commercial-oriented research projects, the website also occasionally conduct policy-oriented and beneficiary-oriented studies. Government institutions and non-government organizations occasionally commission the website to conduct such studies.

As an online market research company, Paid Focus Groups generally will not require the respondents to travel to a specific venue and be physically present during the focus group discussion sessions. Instead, participants simply need a computer and internet connection to participate in the discussions. Participants must register online and pre-qualify to join specific studies.

The company adheres to the highest ethical and professional standards of the market research industry. Being such, it has two main priorities, namely, ensuring that the participants in the research projects are properly compensated and the integrity of the data that they provided is maintained. The opinions and the personal data collected from the participants will remain anonymous and will be used only for research purposes. The data provided will not be sold to third parties or be used to contact the respondents to purchase products.

Aside from online focus group discussions, the website also offers online survey opportunities to the members. The best thing about the research projects is the convenience. There is no need to commute to a particular venue and be physically present in the discussions. The respondents can actively participate from the convenience of their own homes or from any location that has reliable access to the internet.

Each research project has specific target demographics and information that needs to be gathered. In order to ensure the normal distribution of the data collected and prevent or at least minimize the statistical biased skewing of the results, random sampling is implemented across a wide population. The website also continues to recruit new members to maintain the non-homogeneity of all the sampled respondents in terms of the general population. The homogeneity of respondents is only required for specific studies but not for the entirety of the members of the website members from where the respondents will be chosen.

How does Paid Focus Groups work?

As the name implies, Paid Focus Groups mainly utilizes focus group discussion method in gathering information from the target demographic sectors. A focus group discussion is a method used in market and social research to assess the opinions of a particular demographic section of a population. It involves a group of respondents who discuss among themselves the merits or demerits as well as other aspects of a particular product, idea or social issue.

The discussion is facilitated by a moderator who uses guide questions to direct the flow of the discussion. The website serves as a platform for conducting different research projects using the focus group discussion method. This is in behalf of other companies, foundations, government institutions and private nonprofit organizations. A focus group discussion is typically conducted to have in-depth but interactive assessments of the opinions of target consumers or beneficiaries.

You need to first register online to be considered as a participant in the research projects. Your profile will be matched with the available projects and if you qualify to the criteria, you will be invited to participate online. The discussions are in real-time and have specific durations. These are scheduled on a particular date and you have to be logged-in to your account to participate in the discussions. You will be compensated by participating in the discussions. The amount of compensation varies depending on the length of the session, the type of research, the company that is sponsoring the research and your level of involvement. The participants in the focus group discussions and online surveys are paid in cash. The payments are sent to the PayPal accounts of the participants.

Once registered, you can expect regular invitations to participate in online surveys and focus group discussions. Depending on the available projects that match your profile, you may receive invitations on daily, weekly or monthly basis. In some cases, you may need to be a little more patient.

How to register?

In order to be eligible to participate in the research projects, you first need to register online. Go to and create your profile. You must be as detailed as possible to increase your chance of being matched with various research projects. You will receive invitations and you have to be logged-in to your account to participate in the surveys and focus group discussions.