Pure Profile Survey Panel

About Pure Profile Survey Panel

Pure Profile is one of the most credible survey panels that has operations in Australia and in other parts of the world, which was founded in year 2000. It is a paid survey website that relies on incentivized system to recruit members and encourage them to participate in the surveys as respondents. Without the incentivized system, it would be very unlikely that people will continually participate in the surveys, especially the long ones. Very few are likely to finish answering the comprehensive survey questions without expecting anything in return for their troubles. Unlike other similar paid survey websites, members directly earn cash instead of points that can later be converted into cash or gift cards and vouchers. This simplifies the payout system for the website and for the client companies.

As a market research company, the website serves as a go-between that bridges the information gap between its client companies and the consumers. On one hand, the companies are able to get the market information they need to develop and sell products at minimum risks of loss. On the other hand, the target consumers directly influence the companies in their decisions. The consumers are able to get the best products possible in terms of quality and price. These products are tailored to their needs and wants based on the opinions that they have provided in the surveys. Hence, these products are tailor-made products that perfectly respond to market demands.

PureProfile has several company clients from the various business sectors such as manufacturing, retail, construction, banking, financial services, fashion and entertainment. The various business entities have specific types of information that they intend to collect and analyze. They also need specific demographic sectors from which to get the survey respondents. Hence, the website members should expect wide range of survey topics but they should also expect that they will be prescreened for some surveys.


In order to be eligible to participate in the surveys and earn cash, you first need to register in the website. You need to create an online account, complete your profile information and verify your account. Once you have created your online account, you can then access your member dashboard where you can find survey invitation links and the record of the amount of money that you have earn. You can also access the several other functionalities of the website.

You are at leisure to answer the survey questions but there are some survey questions that need to be answered immediately. These urgent surveys provide higher compensation. You can participate in as many surveys that you are qualified to join. However, there will be instances wherein you will be screened out from a survey after answering just a few questions. Some companies need to narrow down the respondents into smaller groups that could provide more detailed and specific information. For instance, a travel agency might only want to ask questions to respondents who have already travelled to Europe. Some filter questions may be included to screen out those who have not yet travelled to a specific place in Europe. Even if you are screen out you may still earn some money but quitting or discontinuing a survey even if you are not screened out is a different story.

The website has algorithms that perfectly match you with companies and demographic groups. The survey invitations that will be sent to you will be based on the profile information that you provided. Hence, it is crucial that you should be as honest and as accurate as possible in the information that you provide. Otherwise, you are likely to be screened out in many surveys if you are unable to satisfactorily answer the filter questions.

Basically, the system works by matching your profile information with certain demographic groups. The demographic groups are then matched with the campaigns or surveys that target the specific demographic groups. The campaigns have sponsor companies that finance the surveys. These are the companies or brands that seek particular information from the different demographic groups. This process is accomplish through cloud computing. However, this is only general prescreening method. The respondents may further be narrowed down using filter questions in the surveys.


Various countries have specific minimum required balance for redemption. The minimum balance required in Australia is $25 and the maximum allowed withdrawal per redemption is $50. Your earnings can be directly deposited to your bank account but it could take up to 60 days before the cash can be credited to your account. You should be patient when redeeming your cash earnings. There are many others who are in line. Hence, the processing takes a bit long. In some countries, redemption can be made through PayPal. Your money will be credited to your PayPal account. This takes longer because PayPal also has a clearing period. You cannot directly use the PayPal credit. It has to be transferred to your ATM or credit card.