Robyn Kunko

What is Robyn Kunko?

Earn by simply sharing your opinions. The best part is that you can actually make a difference in improving the quality of products sold by various companies. Robyn Kunko Market Research is one of the paid survey websites that will give you the opportunity to influence the market dynamics. You can be part of this exciting trend by participating in the focus group discussions. The company owns and operates SA Focus Groups, which is an independent Australian market research organization that is mainly concerned with finding the right respondents corresponding to specific demographics.

The company mainly utilizes focus group discussion method in exploring the opinions of people in details. This means that respondents must be physically present in designated venues to participate in the studies. Unlike online surveys. focus group discussions are meant to be more involved and interactive. Although there are no fixed or standard questions, the flow of the focus group discussions is still guided by a facilitator based on specific structure. The format is a bit informal but still there is are objectives and specific pieces of information that the research is trying to accomplish and gather.

Paid participation in Robyn Kunko surveys

Robyn Kunko owns and operates SA Focus Groups, which conducts the focus group discussions. It is a type of qualitative research method in which respondents belonging to certain demographics or representatives of various demographics are asked about their respective perceptions, opinions, beliefs, and attitudes regarding a product, service, concept, advertisement, idea, or packaging. It is a type of in-depth research that allows participants to be open, honest and interact with other participants in expressing their views. The setup is typically informal and the participants are allowed to discuss among themselves but there is a facilitator that provides guide questions to direct the flow of the discussions.

By participating in Robyn Kunko’s SA Focus Groups research projects, you will earn corresponding amount in cash. However, you should first be selected by the company to participate in particular focus group discussions. There is a screening process based on the specifications of the sponsoring companies. Respondents are selected usually based on certain demographic profiles. Once selected, you will then be invited through email or other means. It usually takes one to two hours of discussion and you will be paid based on the length of time and your participation. The company searches respondents by referring to its comprehensive database and customer lists. It also conducts cold calls to contact possibly interested respondents who are residents of capital cities, regional towns and outback Australia.

Once selected, you will be invited to go to a particular venue at a certain date and time. Some of the most common venues where the focus group discussions are held include professional focus group facilities that are owned by the company, relaxed home settings and hotel boardrooms. The company provides professional in-home focus group room facilities for the researchers. It also conducts in-depth interviews, product testings and web tests in Adelaide. The company is among the most credible market research companies, complying with the high standards of the industry. It is a member of the Australian Marketing Research Organization (AMSRO). Meanwhile, the director of the company is a member of the Australian Market and Social Research Society (AMSRS). These affiliations mean that the company is committed to the high ethics and guidelines demanded by the said organizations.

Signing up for membership is free and straightforward. However, it is mandatory that you should be at least 18 years old and as an Australian resident. You can expect to receive $70 to $150 compensation for a 1 to 2 hours of participation in a focus group discussion. You will not be sold anything. The company is only interested in getting your opinions.

Although most of the focus group discussions are limited in some areas, some of the other research methods such as product testing, one-on-one interviews and online surveys are available elsewhere in Australia. Members may participate in online surveys by using a home computer or a mobile phone.

Your chance of being selected to participate in the focus group discussions and other research activities of the company directly depends on the information that you provide in your profile. Your profile will be matched to existing surveys.

Registering to Robyn Kunko’s SA Focus Groups

In order to register as a member of Robyn Kunko’s SA Focus Groups, you need to fill-in fields found in this online form: You also need to enter the captcha or confirmation code in the box provided then click the submit button. You will then receive a confirmation email once you have been successful in your registration. All you need to do next is wait for invitations. It would not take very long before you receive an invitation to participate in a focus group discussion or survey.