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Who is Univox?

Univox is one of the credible market research platforms online. It bridges the information gap between its clients and the target respondents. It values the opinions of its members because gathering their opinions based on structured survey questionnaires is the primary purpose of the website. These opinions are needed by the clients in developing their products and formulating general marketing strategies. The companies’ decisions are directly influenced by the opinions of the respondents. In so doing, they are able to tailor their products based on the preferences and views of the target customers. This minimizes the risk of losing money on products that are otherwise won’t be patronized by the customers. On the other hand, the customers benefit by eventually having the products that they actually need and want at reasonable prices. The respondents to the surveys directly benefit by earning rewards.

The Univox Community Website is actually comrised of several web pages that have specific functions and information. There are also private web pages that can only be accessed through the use of usernames and passwords. These are the private dashboards of the website members. There are several pieces of information that are required by the website before an individual can complete his or her registration. These pieces of information are necessary to create demographic profiles that will serve as the basis for matching the surveys with the target respondents.

Just like other paid survey websites, Univox utilizes an incentive system that provides some level of impetus for respondents to completely answer the survey questionnaires. Respondents can earn and accumulate points corresponding to the length and type of surveys that they are able to complete. Longer surveys have higher compensations compared to shorter ones. Surveys that are urgent also have higher compensations compared to surveys of the same length but are less urgent. The points that are earned and accumulated by the respondents can be redeemed for gift cards, virtual credits and cash.

As an online market research platform, the website is mainly concerned about gaterhing qualitative data from the respondents in the form of structured opinions. Typically, the surveys use normative data based on the rankings given by the respondent regarding certain issues. For instance, a respondent may rank an issue as strongly disagree, disagree, neutral, agree or strongly agree. Sone surveys may use numerical rank equivalents. The data that collected can later be statistically analyzed to see the general trends or opinions of a particular demographic section of a population. Hence, it is possible for companies to estimate the percentage of target customers who would prefer a particular product, the way it is packaged or the range of its pricing. All of these are possible because of random sampling method. It ensures a higher degree of spread in representing a particular section of the population. The greater the randomness of spreadm of the sample, the better it would be in representing the general trend or preferential patterns among the sampled respondents that represent a particicular demographic section of the population.

How does Univox work?

In order to be eligible to participate in the surveys, you must first need to register and create an online account in the website. You will automatically earn a signup bonus worth $5 upon completing your registration. You need to fill in a questionnaire with some required personal information. The pieces of information that you provide will serve as basis for classifying your demographic group. Your demographic profile, in turn, provides the basis for matching you with certain surveys. For instance, there are surveys that are intended only for women.

After completing your profile, you need to agree with the terms and conditions and verify your email. If you want to be more meticulous, you may read the complete text of the terms and conditions. A verification email will be sent to your email inbox. You need to click the link and follow the on-screen prompts. Once you have completed your registration, you can then access your private member dashboard. You can view survey invitations and the points that you have earned.

You will start receiving survey invitations once you have completed the registration process. With the exceptions of the urgent surveys, you may answer the questionnaires at your own leisure. Every survey has a corresponding reward points. These are indicated at the start of the survey. The estimated time of completion is also indicated. You will earn the indicated points if you are able to complete the surveys. On the other hand, even if you are screened out after answering a few questions, you will still be able to earn some guaranteed points. Quitting a survey does not count. Aside from surveys, you may also be occasionally invited to join forumsm, answer quick polls and write blog reviews. You can earn higher points from these activities. You may also earn points for every 10 survey attempts or one survey completion of every referral. You can refer a maximum of five friends.

How do I redeem Univox rewards?

You need to earn at least 2,500 points or equivalent to $25 before you can start redeeming your rewards. There are three options when redeeming your rewards, namely, Amazon Gift Card, Virtual Visa Card and Dwolla cash remittance. The last one is a service provider for sending cash to the members of the website.

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