YourOpinion – Focus groups @ $80/hour

Who is YourOpinion?

Your Opinion is one of the trusted market research websites in Australia. It relies on a pool of member-respondents who earn points for every survey that they are able to complete. These respondents earn points in exchange of their honest opinions. The surveys are typically long and comprehensive, which make them less likely to be completed by respondents without incentives. Very few people would devote thirty minutes of their time on a survey without getting anything in return. Hence, the website utilizes an incentivized system that allows the website member to participate in as many as possible surveys to which they are qualified, thereby earning as much points that they can earn.

The points can later be redeemed as rewards but they first need to accrue at a minimum level of points before payouts can be made. The incentivized or paid survey approach is a means of bridging the information gap between the sponsoring companies and the target consumers. The survey participants are pre-qualified to answer the surveys based on the initial profile information that they have provided. Most surveys require certain demographic profiles such as gender. On one hand, the sponsoring companies gather the information that they can used as basis in developing and marketing products. On the other hand, the respondents directly influence the decisions of companies and also eventually get the products that are tailored to their needs and preferences.

YourOpinion facilitates the market research by keeping the companies in tune to the needs and wants of their target market. Both the companies and the respondents benefit in the process. Some background checks and verifications are also done by the website to ensure that the respondents are using their real identities and no duplicate accounts will be created. In this manner, the accuracy and the reliability of the information that it will be gathered are also assured.

Your Opinion is a subsidiary and operated by The Leading Edge Pty Ltd. The latter is an Australian market research service provider that has years of experience in the field. It is also a member of the AMSRS (Australian Market and Social Research Society) as well as AMSRO (Association of Market and Social Research Organisations), ensuring compliance to the highest standards and ethics of the market research sector.

How does YourOpinion work?

In order to participate in the surveys and become eligible for the rewards, you need to become a registered member of the website. Signing up is free and relatively simple but you have to be at least 14 years old and a resident of Australia. You need to complete all the required profile information, including the identity verification portion. You will have your own private member dashboard where you can view the survey invitations and your accumulated points. You can also update your profile information in the dashboard. However, you need to log-in using your password before you can access your member dashboard. Just be sure to keep your password secret and avoid saving it in the browser if you are using a computer that you do not own.

Once you have successfully created an account, you will automatically be entitled to participate in the surveys to which you are qualified to join. You will receive survey invitations based on the profile information that you provided. Hence, you are prequalified to most of the survey opportunities that you will receive. On the the other hand, there are also many surveys that have filter questions that further narrow-down the respondents. You might be screened out after answering just a few questions.

You can select a few or all of the survey opportunities available to you and you will earn corresponding points depending on the length of the survey. Even if you were screened out after answering a few questions, you will still earn some guaranteed points. It may take several days before your points appear on your dashboard. You may need to contact the website administration if your points are not credited to your account.

If you are busy and need to travel but you still want to conveniently access your member dashboard, you can use your smartphone. There are survey opportunities that are tailored to mobile phones. The survey opportunities for mobile phones are shorter and the invitations are sent via SMS. You need mobile internet access to follow the survey invitation link sent via SMS.

If you want to earn additional points, you may refer friends to sign up to the website. You first need to log-in to your account and choose the “refer-a-friend” menu. Enter the name and email address of your friend and the system will automatically send an email invitation. You have a maximum limit of 30 referrals before your account will be reviewed for quality assurance. You can earn extra points for every referral who also participate in the surveys.

How do I redeem YourOpinion rewards?

Once you have accumulated the minimum required points, you can start redeeming your points. The easiest and fastest way to redeem your points is by choosing the eGift Cards option. You can use this in your online shopping in any of the partner stores. You do not need to download any app to use you eGift Cards. You will receive links and you need to click the links to collect your gift card. You may also convert them into vouchers. The gift cards are available in $5, $10, $20, $50, $100 and $200. They can be used in Hoyts, Myer, JB HiFi, David Jones and more. You may either use your gift card in online shopping or you may print it and use it in in-store shopping.