CoreData Research – Review

About CoreData Research

If you are interested to hire or join a paid survey website, CoreData Research is one of the credible websites that you can find. Whether you are a would-be client or a would-be respondent, you can be confident of the good reputation of the company in terms of delivering accurate, objective and reliable research results. The company has a wide range of clients from various business sectors and it is also has a large demographics of respondents that cover four countries, namely, Australia, the United Kingdom, the Philippines, and the United States. It also has business associates in Malta, Mexico, Singapore, and South Africa.

CoreData is one of the oldest web-based market and social research companies in Australia. It was founded in 2002 and was based in Sydney. It was organized as a specialist in providing financial services research to various companies but later expanded its services to include social research. Its operations expanded and encompassed other industries, providing dependable information, vital insights and frameworks that are essential to the growth and development of businesses.

If you become a member of the CoreData research panel, you will have a wide range of opportunities to participate. The company’s large base of clients means that there are several research project opportunities that can be matched with your profile data. You can be invited and participate in many surveys all at the same time. Your earnings will be directly proportional to the number of surveys that you are able to finish. The company, CoreData Group is actually comprised of three distinct business entities, namely, CoreData Consulting, CoreData Research and CoreData Panel.

The consulting arm of the group is the one that provides leverage on the research capabilities and market insights. These lead to strategic solutions for clients that are facing complex problems. Meanwhile, the research arm of the group offers qualitative and quantitative reports and analyses based on the research results. Finally, the panel arm of the group is the one that recruits respondents and sells access to these respondents through its consumer database of more than 130,000 Australians. As a consumer, you belong to the third arm of the group. You are part of the data sources of the companies that hired the consultancy and research services of of CoreData. Your opinions, along with the opinions of others who belong to your particular demographics, really matter. You can directly influence the decisions of companies because of your opinions.

The companies that hire the services of CoreData are interested in knowing the preferences, needs, wants, shopping habits and purchasing powers of their targets customers. In this manner, these companies will be able to tailor their products to the market demand. As a result, the customers are able to get the best product possible in terms of quality and price. This is also beneficial for the companies because they minimize the risks of losing money on products that are otherwise will not be patronized by the target consumers. Hence, you should be as honest as possible when answering the questionnaires if you want to have a positive impact on the decisions of the markets.

How does it work?

CoreData facilitates the delivery of crucial information to its company clients through the online surveys and other data gathering methods. It serves as a go-between that bridges the information gap between the companies and the target consumers. It channels the insights of consumers to help the various business entities to have better grasp of the market. The research data are important when introducing new products or when trying to explore new markets.

In order for you to be eligible to participate in any of the surveys, you first need to register and create an online account. You need to complete an online profile and verify your account. You need to be at least 18 years old and a resident of Australia in order for you to be eligible to become a member. Once you successfully created your account, you will then be included in the database of the website. The invitations that you will receive will directly depend on how your profile details are matched with the criteria that are set by the clients.

As a member of the online panel, you will be compensated for completing surveys. The more surveys that you answer, the more chance of earnings you will have. Even if you are screened out after answering just a few questions, you will still be eligible to earn minimum amount of rewards.

Aside from the rewards that you will receive from answering the surveys, you will also have a chance to win the quarterly prize draws with a pot money of up to $5,456. You may also win one of the two major prizes such as the iPad 3 with WiFi +4G and an iPhone 4S 16GB to the value of $1,478 or a MacBook Pro 13-inch: 2.5 GHz valued at $1,349. You also have the chance to be one of the 50 consolation prize winners who will receive $50 worth gift card each. You may use the gift card when shopping at Bunnings, Westfield, JB Hi-fi, Coles Myer and Rebel Sports.

How to register?

You first need to register in order for you to be invited as a respondent to any of the surveys. However, you have to be at least 18 years old and a resident of Australia to be eligible to register. Go to this page and complete the online form: Follow the online prompts to complete the registration process. You might want to read the terms and conditions to know the basics and avoid the hassles.